All of the aromatherapy baths at the European Day Spa and Salon will enhance your body’s ability to absorb sea salts, essential oils, and other specialty products. Ending your relaxing spa treatment with a gentle body gommage is the perfect way to take care of your skin.

Below is a list of some of the relaxing ways to pamper yourself at the European Day Spa and Salon, to have you looking and feeling your best.

Aromatherapy Baths

Moor Mud Aromatherapy Bath – $50

Indulge and rejuvenate yourself in a Moor Mud Hydrotherapy Bath. The ultimate in relaxation, Moor Mud is a natural detoxifier that helps to improve circulation, ease stress, muscle and joint pain. Relax and unwind in our large jetted tub surrounded by lit candles.

To enhance your Moor Mud Bath add any one of the following essential oils.

Your choices and benefits of essential oils are:

  • Lavender – Stress relieving, calming, and good for mild headaches
  • Eucalyptus – Anti-inflammatory, great for poor circulation, and decongesting
  • Orange Pomegranate – Energizing, soothing and mood-lifting

Body Polishes

Orange Body Bliss – $75

An energizing body scrub with our signature orange and pomegranate scent. Enriched with shea butter, coconut oil, sunflower oil, and vitamin E, leaving the skin nourished and glowing.

  • This treatment begins with our exfoliating scrub, helping to rejuvenate tired skin all over the body.
  • Once the skin has been fully exfoliated, and the scrub rinsed off, your therapist will finish off the treatment using a hydrating moisturizing lotion, with our signature orange and pomegranate scent, leaving your skin softer, smoother, and silkier than ever!

Body Wraps

Black Moor Mud Body Wrap – $90

A body wrap designed to deeply penetrate the skin while removing impurities and toxins leaving the skin smooth and hydrated.

  • Lay on one of our comfy massage tables, as your therapist applies an exfoliating mud mixture to all parts of the body.
  • They will then wrap your body, allowing the mud to work its magic, removing all toxins and impurities leaving your skin feeling better than ever.
  • While the mud is soaking in, your therapist will give you a relaxing scalp massage, as you wait.
  • Once the mud mixture has been rinsed off, the treatment is finished with a full body application of hydrating lotion, leaving your skin feeling smooth and hydrated.

Your therapist will discuss and recommend the products used, and what is best for your skin to help you to continue looking and feeling your best!

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