Relaxation Massages

We invite you to enjoy one of our many relaxation massages. Whether you are unwinding after a long day at the office, pampering yourself before your wedding day, or just want to relieve pain in some of your tender muscles, our spa therapists will have you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed after your treatment.

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Light to medium pressure massage

45 Minute Back & Neck $110
60 Minute Full Body $132
75 Minute Full Body $151

Relaxation - firm pressure

Medium to Firm Pressure Massage

45 Minute Back & Neck $132
60 Minute Full Body $160
75 Minute Full Body $180

Relaxation - pre natal

Experience a specialized massage which helps to improve circulation, relieve tension, & reduce the stress on a mother’s changing body.

45 Minute Back & Neck $125
60 Minute Full Body $138
75 Minute Full Body $160

Hot Stone Massage

Experience true relaxation with smooth heated Basalt River Stones. The warmth of the stones penetrates deeply to sooth, relax, and loosen tense muscles.

75 Minute Full Body $179

Relaxation Reflexology

A therapeutic massage method that stimulates predefined pressure points on the feet helping to relieve stress, tension, and pain in other areas of the body

30 Minute $56
45 Minute $66

Eminence Organics

We are proud to be partnered with Eminence Organics to bring our guests premium skincare products that Organic, Natural, Biodynamic, Cruelty Free, and Sustainable

Want to bring the spa experience home and create a daily ritual of self care? Get your hands on this Stone Crop Body Oil filled with nourishing ingredients such as Stone Crop, Arnica, Rosehip Oil, Avocado Oil, and Indian Gooseberry which help to reduce the appearance of stretch marks and dark spots, while improving skin tone and texture. 

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